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Joshua Michael Cobb

Real Estate

Based out of Claremont, California, Joshua Michael Cobb grew up in the commercial real estate investing industry.

His father is a self-made millionaire and businessman who has been working in real estate within the community for 55 years. Over the course of his long and successful career, Mr. Cobb and his business have built a rich history with the community, and he has enjoyed sharing that with his son. Even before starting college, Joshua was working alongside his dad and learning about the industry through the family business.

It was only natural, then, that after graduating from UCLA in 2006, Joshua Michael Cobb decided to officially partner with his father and begin taking over responsibilities to help expand their operations. Additionally, he gained building and construction experience, becoming a licensed contractor in 2007. He worked in contracting for 17 years, performing various general construction jobs and gaining extensive experience. This pursuit has given him a unique skill set within the commercial real estate market. While many other real estate professionals have to connect clients with outside contractors for larger projects, Joshua can keep these projects in-house and manage the contracting process himself.

Joshua Michael Cobb and his father are commercial investment real estate specialists working with properties such as restaurants, shopping centers, and industrial facilities. Since Joshua decided to work with his father’s business full-time, he has embraced every opportunity to learn from his father’s experience and knowledge. Now, while his father still owns and manages the business, Joshua has taken on many of the other operations and handles many of their projects. While he enjoyed his time in contracting, real estate has been a much better fit for his personal preferences, and he is excited to continue developing his career.

Nevertheless, Joshua Michael Cobb’s background in contracting and construction has been instrumental in his success. He has become known as a one-stop shop in the industry, able to tackle entire projects so long a client has a contract ready to go. He is skilled at finding the best location, doing build-outs, and helping secure financing to bring commercial projects to life. The company also offers property management services for other investors who need help managing their portfolios.

Joshua Michael Cobb is also a dedicated family man who enjoys spending time with his wife of eleven years and their four children. Visit to learn more about his career.

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