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There are many skills that a real estate agent must have to succeed. But if you’re unfamiliar with buying and selling, you might need to figure out what to look for in an excellent real estate professional. Although you don’t need a college degree to become a top real estate agent, there are still specific skills you can learn and apply to succeed. In this guide, we’ll discuss the top skills real estate agents need to excel to succeed. Although these are just a snapshot of what a good agent should have, you can still become one if you still need to have all of these skills. 

Good Communication

There is no one client precisely the same. For instance, some people prefer to talk to each other in person, while others prefer to text. Real estate professionals know this and do not use cookie-cutter approaches when interacting with clients. They know that good communication skills are essential qualities a good agent should have. 

Since you’re handling one of the most significant transactions in a person’s life, good communication skills are fundamental to the success of a real estate agent. An effective way to improve this skill is by asking your clients for feedback. This can be done through email or in-person meetings. Besides being able to talk to each other, you also need to practice active listening to improve your communication skills.

Local Knowledge

If you’re a new real estate agent, having a solid working knowledge of the local market can help you gain an advantage over your competitors. Parents with school-aged children will want to know the quality and proximity of nearby private, public, and parochial schools.

People looking for a home in a larger city will also want to know the availability of public transportation options, such as buses, trams, and ferries. Information about the neighborhood, including its resident perks and restrictions, can influence the sales process. By providing your clients with the necessary information about local property taxes, they can prepare to purchase a home.


Although teaching isn’t the answer to the question of what qualities an excellent real estate professional should have, it’s still important to be able to work with first-time buyers and inexperienced individuals. Good agents know that the process in the real estate industry can be very complex. They’re also aware that some people need help navigating the process.

An excellent real estate professional can also work with experienced individuals who prefer to be more hands-off. With their practical knowledge and experience, they can quickly identify their clients’ level of expertise and provide them with the necessary education and guidance.

Before you start working with a new client, ensure they’re familiar with the details of the real estate industry. Ask them about their prior experience and if they’re nervous about the process.