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In many ways, working in real estate is all about relationships. Clients often come through network referrals or other connections, making it challenging to get started in the industry if you have little experience. When preparing for large real estate transactions, clients are looking for agents with extensive experience and proven track records who can help guide them through the process. Here are some ways you can gain experience in real estate to help increase your marketability.

Research Your Local Market

One of the best things you can do is research your local real estate market. Understanding metrics such as demand, prices, types of property, and more, can help you engage in conversations in a way that demonstrates your level of knowledge and expertise.

Look Into Real Estate Assistant Positions

To get an inside look at what a career in real estate looks like, explore the possibility of working as a real estate assistant at a local brokerage firm. This can help connect you with experienced agents and give you insight into how deals play out. The menial work of answering phones and preparing listing presentations might not be thrilling, but it’s a great first step to gaining experience in the industry.

Build Your Network

Since real estate is all about relationships, building your network is crucial. Find trusted mortgage lenders, experienced agents, and successful brokerages who you might be able to work with in the future. You may even be able to shadow some of these professionals on the job to help expand your knowledge.

Attend Seminars and Workshops

Look into local real estate seminars and workshops. Not only are these great opportunities to learn about the industry and your local market, but they are also excellent networking opportunities. These events provide practical knowledge and advice to help you jumpstart your career and connect with helpful resources.

Ask Questions

As you build your experience and network, learn the value of asking questions. Pick the brains of willing agents in your area about how they navigate complex scenarios and some of their helpful strategies. If you can find professionals who are willing to share their expertise, you’ll quickly find they are a wealth of helpful information if you can learn to ask the right questions.


Getting started in real estate with no experience is challenging. These are just a few indirect ways you can learn and dip your toes into the industry before launching your career.